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July 2, 2004

Veggie email newsletter available

How strong are watermelon shipments from Mexico this year? What have recent heavy rains meant for the Lower Rio Grande Valley's cantaloupe crop? What do the new country-of-origin rules mean for Valley produce? What's the latest U.S. Department of Agriculture's acreage estimate for Georgia onions?

A new monthly email newsletter by Texas Cooperative Extension addresses these and many other topics of interest to the Lower Rio Grande Valley's horticulture industry.

Called "Fruit and Vegetable Marketing," the electronic newsletter is produced by Dr. John Robinson, an Extension agricultural economist, and T.C. Betancourt, an Extension associate, at the Texas A&M University System Agricultural Research and Extension Center at Weslaco.

The newsletter, whose production is funded by a grant from the USDA, has three sections: supply/demand situation; trade and policy issues; and production and technology economics.

The June 2004 issue features onion and watermelon market reports, information on organizing crop budgets and news on the U.S. spring onion markets.

"This newsletter should be of great interest to anybody who produces the Valley's horticultural products, which would include onions, cabbage, cantaloupes, honeydews, watermelons, greens and citrus," Robinson said.

The newsletter is sent electronically to area producers. It will also be posted on the Weslaco center's Web site at, and the Texas A&M University horticulture department's Web site at

Faxed copies can be sent to those not equipped to receive e-mail or with access to the Internet. To subscribe, contact Robinson or Betancourt at (956) 968-5581, or e-mail